Friday, May 28, 2010

Prliminary Seedings for WUCC released!

So, not long til Prague and things are getting exciting. Especially now that the prliminary seedings are out!

Open Division

  1. Chain Lightning (USA)
  2. Revolver (USA)
  3. Sockeye (USA)
  4. Ironside (USA)
  5. Bunka Shutter Buzz Bullets (Japan)
  6. Doublewide (USA)
  7. Phoenix (Canada)
  8. Chevron Action Flash (UK)
  9. Skogshyddan FK (Sweden)
  10. Clapham Ultimate (UK)
  11. Colony (Australia)
  12. Karhukopla (Finland)
  13. Flying Angels Bern (Switzerland)
  14. Nomadic Tribe (Japan)
  15. Mephisto (Canada)
  16. Viksjofors IF (Sweden)
  17. Ragnarok (Denmark)
  18. Euforia (Colombia)
  19. Heads of State (Australia)
  20. Jack Suns (France)
  21. Freespeed (Switzerland)
  22. Fire of London (UK)
  23. Magon (New Zealand)
  24. Feldrenner Mainz (Germany)
  25. Silence (Czech Republic)
  26. Munich Ultimate Club (Germany)
  27. Invictus (Canada)
  28. Loquitos (Japan)
  29. Absolut (Colombia)
  30. Cotarica (Italy)
  31. UFO (Finland)
  32. Bischi (Italy)
  33. Redbacks (Australia)
  34. Warao Ultimate Turmero (Venezuela)
  35. thebigez (Austria)
  36. Mubidisc (Spain)
  37. Mooncatchers (Belgium)
  38. Stoly Ultimate (Russia)
  39. Cambo Cakes (Netherlands)
  40. Dublin Ultimate (Ireland)
  41. Fenix UNAM (Mexico)
  42. CUUP (China)
  43. DominO (Dominican Republic)
  44. LOL (Hungary)
  45. Mor ho! (Slovakia)
  46. Truco (Argentina)
  47. Gigolo (Ukraine)
  48. Ultimate Decision (Lativa)
Pool A - Chain Lightning (USA), Viksjofors IF (Sweden), Ragnarok (denmark), Bischi (italy), Redbacks (Australia), Ultimate Decision (Latvia)
Pool C – Sockeye (USA), Nomadic Tribe (Japan), Heads of State (Australia), Cotarica (Italy), thebigez (Austria), Truco (Argentina)
Pool F – Doublewide (USA), Colony (Australia), Clapham Ultimate (UK), Invictus (Canada), Stoly Ultimate (Russia), DominO (Dominican Republic)

DU summer starts here!

So, this weekend sees 18 of us head to Tour 1 where we've been drawn in a group with:
  • Clapham
  • Ragnarok
  • Emo
Three tough games against some of Europe's best - exactly what we're looking for basically!

We've 18 players and will be playing O and D lines for the weekend. Those lines are as follows:

Defence :                                               Offence:
Marko                                                     Niall
Podge                                                      Brian Mac D
Robin                                                       Sam
Seamus                                                    Keith
Enda                                                        Rob Kiely
Kev                                                         Super
Brian H                                                    Dominick
Perfect                                                     Darragh B
Dave F                                     
Darragh G
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