Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pint of Guinness on your face?

St. Patricks Day brings the best, the worst and the tackiest out of most of the Irish population, and not necesarily in that order. DU met up with LMS Ultimate to facepaint in Temple Bar at 10:30am for the guts of 6 hours and we saw a lot of each of the above!

Our face painting skills were solid, - Blonde's were exceptional - our charm turned up to 11, - Dave Ferguson & Keith Coleman deserve a special mention - and we put in a great days effort to raise lots of money! The girls might've been better at the actual painting but classic lines like: 'Pint of Guinness on your face', 'We can fix that face of yours', 'Book of Kells on your face' and '5 - O' won the crowd over repeatedly.

All in all, great fun and very worth the effort! Big thanks to everyone who made it out, to Liz for her great organising and to LMS for their help and efforts. This should be the first of many events we run together :)

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