Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Final Seedings for WUCC 2010

So the final seedings are out. They are available on the WUCC website and see Dublin Ultimate in as the 39th seeds out of 48 teams. Elsewhere, the top 8 are, predictably, dominated by the American teams with Ferg & Mavis' Clapham 9th seeds, 1 place behind Peter's Skogs. Ragnarok are seeded high - 18th place, but look to have improved since Tour 1 with their strong finish in the 'Dam. Closer to us are Mooncatchers, Cambo Cakes, Bischi and a number of other teams I look forward to playing!

No doubt the official schedule will be released in the next couple of days, however, if we were to try and predict the groups (using the snaking pools technique!) we'd be in with:

1. 10th seeds & Australia's no.1 seeds: Colony

2. 15th seeds & Canada's no.2 seeds: Phoenix

3. 34th seeds & Belgium's only Open team: Mooncatchers

4. 39th seeds & Ireland's only Open team: DU

In one more piece of news, apparently the Argentine team Truco have pulled out and the Parisians Ultimate Vibration have taken their place. I wonder how that might effect the seedings given Truco were in at 48th seeds and UV have a relatively strong pedigree in Europe...

Go DU!

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