Wednesday, June 30, 2010


...if any was needed...

5 things you SHOULD do before the tournament...

1. Sleep well for the week

2. Become culturally aware of the place we're travelling to

3. Make a list, pack well & remember essentials (tickets, passport)

4. Go to the bank and buy the CZ currency! 500 'coronas' = €20 = 17 pints/50 cans (info here!)

5. Stretch and drink loads of water!

'Streching at times other than before exercise may theoretically increase hypertrophy...and is likely to decrease injuries' - Concepts in Stretching.

Monday, June 28, 2010

5 things NOT to do the week before a tournament

1. Go binge drinking

2. Start parkour

3. Eat sh*t food

4. Forget to hydrate

5. Lose your passport/boots/miss your flight etc.

Common sense really!

DU beat U-19s & U-23s

In the last weekend before we go to Prague, we played two 90min games against the Irish U-19s and U-23s teams in Raheny on Saturday. We were missing a number of players (to injury, travel, U-23s team!) but picked up a couple to boost outr ranks as well.

Game One: vs. U-19s
We started with a game against the U-19s which we approached with confidence, in hindsight, perhaps with a little too much confidence. A weak zone and a lack of aggression on D cost us 4 points of the first 7 - an inauspicious start. We called a time out and discussed what we needed to do to get into the game. From the time out onwards we were clinical and bossed the game, winning 17-4.

Game Two: vs. U-23s
The second game was a different affair all together. We warmed up well, were focused from the start and had learned from our casual attitude in game one. If anything, we started a little too excited and turned both the Ds we got in the first point! However, out offence was functioning well and the zone got good practice too. Soon the mistakes were all theirs and we began to draw further away. 9-5 at half to DU. The second half was scrappy - we made a lot of unforced errors that should've been more costly. Their offence was unlucky in parts, but we ran out deserved winners 14-7.

Finally, a big thanks to the two teams for vital games this close to our tournament. The run around was just wha t we needed and it will stand to us in a weeks time. Best of luck in Heilbronn and Florence!


Swede to play for DU?

Rumours have been rife over the past few months that one of Sweden's finest, a young (ish) blonde chap called Peter Sandin, is keen to leave his current club for pastures anew. Having won most titles he can win in Europe with Skoshgythdjfihdgdhan, the no.12 is seemingly frustrated with the lack of challenges and as such wants to try and bring Dublin Ultimate from its embryonic stage through to European domination. We spoke to Sandin's personal assistant, Dagmar Steigerssssson, who was tight-lipped about the whole story: 'No comment. Tack så mycket!'. However, after much investigation, it would appear that the following picturs speak louder than any words.

Welcome Peter!

Point Block O'clock

Seamus gets a big block on Sam at the weekend.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

WUCC schedule is up...

...well the first two days are up anyway. As predicted we're in the group with 10th seeds: Colony (Sydney), 15th seeds: Phoenix (Ottawa) and 34th seeds: Mooncatchers (Brussells).

Day 1 (Sunday):
8:30am: vs. Phoenix
12:30pm: vs. Colony

Day 2 (Monday):
12:30pm: vs Mooncatchers

A tough start with us playing two of the top 15 teams in the competition, but exciting to see the games organised and start focusing. It'll be interesting to see how the net stage of the draw pans out...

Come on the Dirty Ol' Town!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Final Seedings for WUCC 2010

So the final seedings are out. They are available on the WUCC website and see Dublin Ultimate in as the 39th seeds out of 48 teams. Elsewhere, the top 8 are, predictably, dominated by the American teams with Ferg & Mavis' Clapham 9th seeds, 1 place behind Peter's Skogs. Ragnarok are seeded high - 18th place, but look to have improved since Tour 1 with their strong finish in the 'Dam. Closer to us are Mooncatchers, Cambo Cakes, Bischi and a number of other teams I look forward to playing!

No doubt the official schedule will be released in the next couple of days, however, if we were to try and predict the groups (using the snaking pools technique!) we'd be in with:

1. 10th seeds & Australia's no.1 seeds: Colony

2. 15th seeds & Canada's no.2 seeds: Phoenix

3. 34th seeds & Belgium's only Open team: Mooncatchers

4. 39th seeds & Ireland's only Open team: DU

In one more piece of news, apparently the Argentine team Truco have pulled out and the Parisians Ultimate Vibration have taken their place. I wonder how that might effect the seedings given Truco were in at 48th seeds and UV have a relatively strong pedigree in Europe...

Go DU!

Ramping up the excitement!

WUCC is under a fortnight away. As we edge closer to the trip to the Czech Republic players are gettign excited across the world. Here are a few links from various blogs and from the WUCC organisers:

WUCC Twitter: 
WUCC Flickr:


I Am Ultimate: 
The Huddle:
Force Sideline:
Get Horizontal:

Tour 2 Results

Last weekend DU went to Birmingham to play Tour 2. We were seeded 10th and finished 7th. We won 5 and lost 1 game over the two days. A full report (and all the photos) will follow.

Pool Play (Saturday):
DU 15-8 Cardiff Storm
DU 15-10 Age Against the Machine
DU 15-11 Burro Electrico

Placings (Sunday):
DU 15-8 Fire of London 2
DU 12-15 Emo
DU 15-10 LeedsLeedsLeeds

MVP: Derryk Boyd
MIP: Kev Timoney
SHRP: Rob Kiely

Tour 1 Results

3 weeks ago we went to Tour 1 in London. We had a mixed weekend and came 15th. The results are as follows:

Pool Play (Saturday):
DU 16-15 Ragnarok
DU 7-15 Emo
DU 8-15 Clapham

Placings (Sunday):
DU 15-8 Burro Electrico
DU 12-14 Tooting Tigers
DU 14-11 Cambo Cakes

MVP: Super Dave
MIP: Robin Giller

Full Report to follow soon. Photos:

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ultivillage Preview Video

Ultivillage have made a preview clip for WUCC 2010. Watch it here!

Getting excited now!