Monday, July 05, 2010

DU has landed!

So we’re finally here. Months of planning, training, saving and everything else for this week and it’s here. I flew in on Friday and the first thing to hit me was the heat – people had warned me but it still took me by surprise when I stepped off the plane. Us pale skinned Irish lads and girls are going to face a tough battle… We checked into the dorms (think Communist era high rise buildings with 2 people per room and 60 rooms a floor!), ditched our bags and went walking through Prague on Friday evening and the town was buzzing – lots of Ultimate players, tourists and a nice atmosphere. We wound up watching the World Cup game in the town square which was a great start to the week.

                               Prague City Centre                                  World Cup Fan Zone

Saturday was an early start for the WFDF Congress, an annual meeting for WFDF representatives from all across the world. It was a long but interesting day that saw positive discussions take place on many different topics from  the U-23s World Championships to the banning on alcohol at Junior tournaments. It served as a reminderof how much volunteer work keeps our sport running. The WFDF organise all the main international tournaments, develop Ultimate world wide and provide support for teams across the globe. They do all this with only one paid board member! 

                                                        The biggest Captains meeting ever?
From the congress we made our way back to the dorms at Strahov (a pretty area of stadia on a hill, about 20mins bus journey outside the city centre) and met up with the rtest of the team. We registered everyone, checked in and got all the players gear - a free disc, a metal water bottle, notepads and other nice bits and pieces. The captains meeting was held and despite our best efforts they stuck with the original schedule. The whole place was buzzing with excitement as we met old freinds, saw the Germans tear the Argies apart and then went down to the Sockeye Throwing Session. It was a pretty useful hour or so with some tips on how to get throws (and catches) game ready in your warm up. A good feed, a bit of banter back at the dorms and off to bed. Finally it was time to play!

                                                            Sockeye's Ben Wiggins

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