Tuesday, July 06, 2010

WUCC - Day Two

We went into the second day knowing we had a chance to improve our seeding by beating Mooncatchers -  a team Irish teams have a mixed history against. We were quietly confident and knew it'd be a close game, what we didn't know was just how close it would be in the end...

From the get-go the two teams were fired up and went hard at each other.  There were a fair few calls and both teams reacted with anger/frustration to them causing quite a feisty atmosphere, one we didn't expect but that calmed as the game went on. We started slowly with some uncharacteristic mistakes on offence. The personal error count grew and the first half looked to be slipping away from us. However, we dug deep and a tight zone began to reap rewards. Suddenly a 4 point deficit was chipped away until we took half 9-8. We had the upper hand and were converting all our breaks. The O line went out and did their job, putting the D line back in to continue the zonal dominance. At 11-8 we had the disc to go 4 points clear but two particularly close calls (both on the scoring pass/play) cost us our concentration and the point. 11-9 became 11-10 and it was game on again. We traded out until 14s (I think) when we went in on D knowing it was winner takes all. We were pulling into the wind and playing man and twice had the disc for the win but it wasn't to be. A very tough loss to take. Final score 14-15.

Super goes ho!

Dom on the force

MVP - Roger Beatty -  despite being absolutely smitten, Podger proved to be an asset throughout the game popping up with a point block when we were feeling the squeeze. His safe hands, huge D and an irrepressible mark on zone won him the majority of the votes. Attaboy!

DU & Mooncatchers

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