Tuesday, July 06, 2010

News from elsewhere at WUCC

 So, with the busy schedule and supporting the 'wetsers' (read ladies!) I've not really had any time to update ye on anything other than our games. Needless to say the banters been non-stop with evenings of cards, flubberguts (quite a dangerous sport!), World Cup, show games (Clapham one was boring but Mavis did well) and much more. Five Ultimate have a massive tent with games etc at it and Kirby, an ex-Broc player is manning it - he says hello.

Ireland's Fergus Weldon playing for CU vs Euforia

Tonight we went formal and wore blue shirts, navy ties and biege trousers. It went doen well. We ran a race that was streamed live apparently and regardless of waht Dom says about him 'joke running' I didnt even come last! A personal highlight. Anyways, here's a few other photos.

The lads in the Five Ultimate tent
Early stages of Niall's lucky win in the suit & tie race

More tomorrow - hopefully with some good news!!

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