Friday, July 16, 2010

WUCC DU Awards

In a true captain's performance Niall was the big winner when the voting took place in the run down stand on the side of a pitch with 2 crates of beer (courtesy of our raucous supporters!). He lead by example all week and was more than deserving of the two awards.

As for Sam, well it was testament to a player who's worked hard, made huge sacrifices and has shown that with enough determination you can make the step up if you really want. A great season's work - well done Sam.

MVP: Niall Harbourne
MIP:Sam Mehigan
SHRP: Niall Harbourne

In other news, here's some stats from the WUCC Website. A quick summary:
- We came 38th overall, of 48 teams
- We came joint 8th in the Spirit standings
- Derryk Boyd was involved in an impressive 37 scores
- Derryk Boyd & Mark Earley threw 24 scores
- Enda Naughton pipped Dave McAlester by one goal, scoring 20 goals
- Our biggest win was by 7 points
- Our heaviest defeat was by 10 points

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